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Orchestrating a successful cost transformation

In the current economic environment, many companies face margin pressure from contracting demand and cost inflation. A natural response is resorting to cost reduction, however, many cost programs fall short of their objectives. This article synthesizes our approach to cost transformation and explores what distinguishes successful cost transformatio…

Crafting resilient supply chains

Alongside the very urgent need to flush out excess inventory, raising supply chain resilience and flexibility has grown into a top objective among surveyed executives. A more unpredictable business environment with, e.g., geopolitical and protectionist policies and macro shocks such as the COVID pandemic, have exposed flaws in current setups, espec…

Pricing in times of turmoil

In times of high inflation and rapidly growing direct costs, many companies are under pressure to defend margins through price increases. We have developed a practical framework for short-term action to secure margins through pricing, in times of macroeconomic turmoil. The report also includes techniques for addressing the most common challenges in…

Active Ownership in the Private Equity Industry

Most Private Equity firms today talk about themselves as ‘active owners’, but the approach to active ownership is still to a large extent based on individual deal teams. We set out to develop a perspective on best-practice throughout the portfolio company life-cycle, and a toolkit to active ownership. Contact us for the full report.

Partner programs: A commercial tool we love

This short memo lays out key questions and considerations when targeting indirect sales through partners. From our experience of implementing partner programs with international B2B companies, we have gathered the most important ones in a pragmatic checklist that can set you up for success.

The First 100 Days: Crafting a Value Creation Plan

There are two ways of creating a VCP; the thorough top management-driven strategy process, or starting the sprint by focusing on a few well-chosen no-regrets moves. Either way, the VCP process should be started during the first 100 days. And once it is in full swing, our core belief is that it is, at its most basic, a people question. This whitepap…

“Värdeskaparna” – A podcast about value creation

Listen to “Värdeskaparna” to learn about what goes on behind the scenes in the private equity industry. We have interviewed CEOs, advisors, owners, and board members who operate in the industry. They share their unique experience from both private equity and portfolio companies. Podcast in Swedish.