Our Journey

Building a value creation partner

Embark on our journey at OPX Partners, where we founded the firm with a shared vision – prioritizing execution in management consulting. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a prominent Nordic value creation partner. Our story is a testament to our commitment to building partnerships for lasting value creation.

Where we started

OPX Partners was founded on the shared vision of the two founders, Klas and Gustaf, who believed having a clearer focus on supporting execution was the next stage in management consulting’s evolution.

Through their many years in private equity, management consulting, and line management, they have witnessed the benefits of the top-tier consulting approach in designing and initiating transformation projects. However, all too often, projects failed to realize their full potential as most consultants lacked the business experience and the toolkit to engage and influence line management to support in the execution phase. “It was clear that a different skill set was needed to support this phase”, says Gustaf.

So, in 2010, Klas and Gustaf set out to build a team of consultants who combine top-tier analytical skills & knowhow with first-hand experience realizing value creation.

Where we are

Since then, OPX Partners has evolved into a leading Nordic value creation partner. We have a solid track record that demonstrates how our model and mindset generate effective and tangible results. We are leaders when it comes to supporting value creation in Swedish PE-owned companies and continue growing our client base with other types of companies.

Our growth journey is also clearly reflected in our people: a growing team of around 50 high-performing individuals – all dedicated to developing our firm even further. Over the years, we have deepened and expanded our service offering to meet the changing needs of our clients. We are now a dependable, full-service value creation partner with ambitions to continue our growth journey for years to come.

Where we are headed

We may have been born from Nordic private equity, but we strongly believe that our unique model of management consulting can help even more companies unlock their value creation potential. Our ambition is to expand our exposure with large corporate clients and to enter new geographies.

Realizing these ambitions depends largely on the talented and ambitious individuals in OPX Partners, being an integral part of our success so far. As we continue our growth journey, we aim to do so in a way that preserves our unique culture and way of working, creating the conditions necessary for our people to perform at their best.

With the right people and proven methods in place, we look forward to serving as the #1 Value Creation Partner, ultimately with a global ambition.

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