Digital & Tech

Connect business to technology to generate benefits that matter

Digital continues to be one of the most impactful megatrends, reshaping industries, customer relationships and how companies fundamentally work. At OPX Partners, our passion is to work with clients and connect aspirations to technology opportunities to generate measurable business benefits that matter — to advance growth, productivity and sustainability.

We bring extensive digital consulting experience cross both sectors and digital maturity stages, combined with extensive line management background from both technology companies and driving technology transformation in traditional industries. While our vantage point is the business strategic perspective, we thrive on working tightly with both business stakeholders and technologists, and always with an impact orientation.

For ambitious companies, OPX Partners work to fuse existing strengths and success factors with digital enablers to fuel continued business strength — and for companies already fully digital, we bring strategic and execution support adapted and fit for digital natives.

Innovate. Integrate. Elevate.

Impact Examples


Reduction of tech spend

As part of a turnaround in a fintech company, we identified and took out 15% of external tech spend. With structured sourcing this enabled investing into a 30% development capacity increase to fuel both strategic and digitalization efforts.


Increase in output

We helped a heavy industry producer to prototype, implement and deliver digital solutions for steering plant planning, resulting in 40%+ increase in output after 3 months, ~50% decrease in order backlog in six months, and considerable working capital improvements.

Roadmap to

Data driven organization

Following a major financial institution’s heavy investments in data technology, we helped translating business goals to a practical and focused roadmap, including leverage of shared benefits, strategic enablers and the governance.

How we support clients

Tech value creation assessment

When evaluating tech at a potential acquisition, we go beyond the (all too common) endless lists of yellow flags and assess the value with an investor’s mindset — identifying red flags early, assessing capabilities in light of your value creation plan and ambition, and drawing out needed actions.

Buy-and-build digital roadmaps

We have extensive experience working with private equity platform investments and buy-and-build journeys and offer specialized support to prioritize, plan and execute integration, platform changes, and consolidation, to ensure business-supporting scalability throughout rapid expansions.

Digital strategies

We take a hands-on approach to connect business and technology together and translate business aspirations and objectives to digital strategies that leverage the best opportunities, ensuring dependable delivery and securing future scalability.

Digital transformation

Whether seeking new business models, operational efficiencies, or ways to leverage new tools, we help business and technology teams identify and design for key outcomes, developing a digital operating model that addresses current needs while also adapting to evolving conditions.

Modern ways of working

People are at the core of technology. With a practical approach based on business line and technology experience (incl. Agile and SAFe coaching roles), we equip organizations to fully leverage technology and modern ways of working to ensure full potential, effective and dependable outcomes.

Data & Analytics

The importance of data and analytics is clear, but going beyond investments and pilots, to results that truly drive customer experience, efficiency and growth, is often a challenge. With extensive experience of both data and data technology, we help translate business goals to practical steps forward.

Our experts

Peter Nyberg

Peter boasts 25 years combining technology with management consulting, serving sectors like fintech and industrial goods. Before OPX Partners, he worked with the Swedish Armed Forces, held senior positions at Nasdaq, Bisnode and BCG.

Oscar Hultefors

Oscar specializes in Value Creation Planning, M&A and tech-enabled transformation, having assisted various sectors from financial services to infrastructure. Before OPX Partners, he worked for BCG and was the COO of Företagslitteratur, Sverige AB.

Gustaf Lindberg

Gustaf has extensive experience from large-scale transformation programs across industries, both as a line manager and consultant. Before co-founding OPX Partners, he held roles at Nestlé, SEB and Sandvik.