Mergers & Acquisitions

Increase the odds for successful Mergers & Acquisitions

Few single events can have as profound value creation impact as M&A, whether acquiring a new platform acquisition or add-on to an existing business. We help owners and CEOs outline M&A strategy, evaluate targets, and integrate acquired businesses to unlock substantial value creation. Our approach is created from our extensive experience driving value creation in Nordic portfolio companies and being part of due diligence processes.

How we support clients

M&A Strategy & Roadmap

We support establishing an M&A strategy connected to your overall business strategy, and help identify and assess relevant targets.

Due Diligence / Value Creation Assessment

We make sure you truly understand the potential of the target(s) by adopting an investor’s mindset assessing the targets’ realistic potential, evaluate possible value creation themes post-transaction as well as target operating model. We support commercial-, operational-, and tech due diligence processes.

Integration & Operating Model

We ensure you realize objectives from acquisitions through defining a target organization and operating model, developing a detailed integration plan, and supporting the implementation.

Our experts

Oscar Hultefors

Oscar specializes in Value Creation Planning, M&A and tech-enabled transformation, having assisted various sectors from financial services to infrastructure. Before OPX Partners, he worked for BCG and was the COO of Företagslitteratur, Sverige AB.

Henrik Bergh

Henrik has extensive experience working on M&A and operations strategy projects. Before joining OPX Partners, Henrik worked at McKinsey, Bain, Klarna.

Patric Andersson

Patric specializes in M&A, Value Creation Planning, and integration support having assisted several Nordic private equity firms and companies ranging from industrial to financial services. Before joining OPX Partners, Patric worked at McKinsey.