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OPX Partners is always looking for experienced professionals – your perspective and experience is key to our success. Most of our employees are experienced hires that value our dynamic and exciting work environment, which offers outstanding opportunities for continued development.

We are committed to making management consulting a sustainable career long-term, regardless of your stage in life. An important part of this effort is supporting team members in their ambition to have the career they want while at the same time being the parent they want to be. We also believe that having a diversity of perspectives make our team stronger and take pride in our efforts to build a team with a healthy mix of experience from both top-tier consulting firms and line roles.

Experienced professionals join OPX Partners as Consultants, Managers, or Principals depending on their level of experience. Whether you have a background in consulting roles or line roles, we encourage you to consider OPX Partners as the next exciting step in your career journey.

There is no better place to work with great clients and owners and make a difference for real — together with top-notch, experienced people who share my ideals for work and life.

Peter Nyberg

Coming from line roles, OPX Partners provides great opportunities to excel as a professional while contributing to building our Operations Team

Lisa Lindstedt
Senior Specialist



Candidates with previous management consulting experience or combined with experience from line roles are welcome to join as generalists. We look for experienced professionals across seniority (consultant, manager, principals). These roles involve working on projects across services and industries.


OPX Partners Operations Team are looking for candidates with a background in supply chain, operations and procurement. The team consists of experts dedicated to transforming and reducing the external cost base and tackling other operational challenges for our clients. These roles are perfect for for candidates who wish to apply their knowledge in a wider context and explore new operational domains.

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We are always looking for experienced professionals. Apply to OPX Partners by filling out the form below. Information about the hiring process can be found here here. For questions, reach out to careers@opx-partners.com.