Value Creation Planning

Mobilize your organization for accelerated value creation

The value creation plan is the starting point setting the direction and ambition of the value creation journey. OPX Partners helps clients and owners set the strategic direction, develop actionable plans, and commit the management team and mobilize the organization to embark on the journey. 

Impact Examples



Developed an ambitious 5-year value creation plan for a logistics provider as part of an exit process. The work included defining strategic direction and value creation themes as well as hands-on action plans for each management function, to grow revenues and EBITDA with 3x over the planning period.



Supported niche bank develop an actionable plan to reach ambitious 8x EBITDA increase over 4years. Execution support focused on selected themes (e.g., multiple add-on acquisitions and integration activities). 



Supported European Circular Tech Provider drive top-line acceleration, improve operational efficiency, and secure growth capacity. The plan, targeting an ambition 2.5x EBITDA increase over 3 years, was co-developed with the client over 4 weeks following deal closing.

How we support clients

Value creation planning / Full Potential Planning

We help your company articulate a strategy and credible plan for creating substantial value. Additionally, we help you build alignment with the plan among management.


We help transform companies and achieve significant bottom-line results. We tailor our approach for your turnaround whether it’s a smaller part of your business or a full-scale restructuring.


We ensure you realize expectations from acquisitions through rigorous planning to help define a target organization and operating model, and then by helping you execute a detailed integration plan.

Our experts

Oscar Hultefors

Oscar specializes in Value Creation Planning, M&A and tech-enabled transformation, having assisted various sectors from financial services to infrastructure. Before OPX Partners, he worked for BCG and was the COO of Företagslitteratur, Sverige AB.

Dag Lindstrand

Dag is experienced within value creation planning and integration support, including PMO and merger management, he has supported multiple companies in forming their full potential strategy. Before joining OPX Partners, Dag worked at McKinsey.

Patric Andersson

Patric specializes in M&A, Value Creation Planning, and integration support having assisted several Nordic private equity firms and companies ranging from industrial to financial services. Before joining OPX Partners, Patric worked at McKinsey.