Supply Chain & Operations

Make operations a cornerstone of your competitive edge

Whatever supply chain challenge you face, our team of operations experts have likely faced it. We’ll apply our proven, end-to-end approach to your supply chain, linking your strategy to your operational agenda to develop concrete initiatives with measurable impact.

Impact examples


Capacity and efficiency

We supported a car repair chain increase capacity and efficiency substantially through a broad operations transformation program covering new ways of working in repair stations, redesign of support organization and setting up a more flexible booking system.

+5 p.p.

Delivery performance

We helped a logistics provider improve delivery performance by optimizing the end-to-end setup including footprint, station processes and sales & operations planning, boosting on-time deliveries from 94% to 99%.


Operations savings

We developed a hands-on operations strategy for an advanced systems provider covering footprint, procurement and operational excellence levers resulting in -10% (-100 msek) savings.

How we support clients

Operations & supply chain strategy

We support our clients in defining and executing on their operations strategies and aligning them with your overall strategy, including operations footprint, making vs buying, and operational excellence.

Cost efficiency & scalability

We take a holistic approach to transform your cost base and ensure scalability. This typically includes right-sizing, as well as using structural and digital levers linked to strategic objectives.

Sales & operations planning

With a pragmatic and cross-functional approach to S&OP, we help our clients implement and/or refine existing planning processes to optimize trade-offs between cost, service level, and inventory.

Net working capital excellence

We help clients assess and optimize inventory, receivables, and payables levels and to develop actionable plans for improvements. Our approach with periodic health checks and KPIs helps to sustain optimal working capital levels over time.

Our experts

Klas Nordin

Klas has led strategic projects focusing on supply chain, scalability, and footprint strategy. Before co-founding OPX Partners, he held roles at Munters, Nordic Capital, Dynapack, and McKinsey.

Henrik Bergh

Henrik has extensive experience working on M&A and operations strategy projects. Before joining OPX Partners, Henrik worked at McKinsey, Bain, Klarna.

Göran Stålhandske

Göran Stålhandske

Göran has extensive expertise in operations strategy and cost effectiveness across manufacturing and service businesses. Prior to joining OPX Partners, he worked at Electrolux and McKinsey.