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Exploring the Tapestry of Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation with Värdeskaparna’s Newest Lineup

“Värdeskaparna” delivers a captivating journey through the insights and experiences of leading professionals across various industries. Dive into a season where CEOs, investors, and partners from renowned firms such as Loopia Group, Nordic Capital, and Altor Equity Partners share not only their successes but also the challenges and unique lessons learned along the way. From the intricate threads of proposed legislation, platform investments, and stubbornness in entrepreneurial endeavors to the significance of humility and diverse board experiences in the corporate world, each episode unfolds layers of wisdom and inspiring stories bound to spark curiosity and reflection among avid business enthusiasts and emerging leaders alike. Read more for a summary of the episodes about the episodes from this season.

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This seasons episodes

Episode 1: Fredrik Strömholm on the Importance of Long-Term Thinking and Founding Altor and Impilo.

The co-founder of Altor Equity Partners and now a partner at Impilo, talks about diverse board experience and his love of hockey.

Episode 2: Clara Zverina, Principal at Altor, on Green Transition and the Importance of Different Perspectives in PE

The principal at Altor Equity Partners, explains how the slow pace of academic research motivated her to seek other ways to impact society positively, and what makes Stockholm special when it comes to opportunities in finance.

Episode 3: Mattias Ringqvist on Pricing, Silver Bullets, and Verisure’s Growth Journey

In this episode, high-profile business leader Mattias Ringqvist talks about the importance of putting things in perspective and staying humble.

Episode 4: Peter Rothschild, Chairman and Founder of BioGaia, from Vegetable Trading to Probiotics

The founder of BioGaia AB entertains with stories about successes, failures, and why stubbornness is more important than timing.

Episode 5: Joakim Lundvall, Nordic Capital, on Starting the Evolution Fund

The Nordic Capital partner talks about his extensive experience with platform investments, how the private equity industry has evolved, and how to lead through transformation.

Episode 6: Sara Laurell, CEO Loopia Group, on Understanding Your Customer and Bringing the Organization Along

CEO Sara Laurell explains how proposed legislation stowed away in a safe taught her the value of being prepared as a leader.

Episode 7: Luisa Orre, H2 Green Steel, on Managing Logistics for Fossil-Free Steel Production

Luisa Orre, transitioning from the lock-startup Glue to the colossal steel startup H2 Green Steel, navigates immense logistical challenges as Chief Procurement Officer, ensuring the delivery of millions of tons of iron ore and numerous terawatt-hours of electricity annually to the cutting-edge facility in Boden, all aimed at producing fossil-free steel.

Episode 8: Håkan Buskhe, CEO of FAM, on the Ingredients for Effective Leadership and Navigating Innovation

Håkan Buskhe, the CEO of FAM, owned by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations via Wallenberg Investments, shares insights from his journey, including a near-decade at defense conglomerate Saab, his views on Sweden’s shortcomings, and his formula for exceptional leadership.

Episode 9: Evelina Anttila, Wellstreet, on Core AI, Fintech Valuations, and Not Chasing Unicorns

Evelina Anttila, current CEO of Stockholm-based venture capital firm Wellstreet, delves into her thoughts about integrating AI into core business, perceptions on fintech company valuations, and why they are not in the race for unicorns, reflecting on experiences from her journey from transaction manager to CEO, and prior roles at AI company Peltarion and law firm Mannheimer Swartling.


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