Collaborating with East Africa Investments

OPX Partners in Rwanda

OPX Partners supports and invests in East Africa Investments – an impact investment company, focused on bringing business support and capital to entrepreneurs in East Africa. On a yearly basis we embark on annual journeys to Rwanda, engaging with vibrant entrepreneurs and exciting startups. Here are some insights from this year’s trip.

Rwanda’s ambitious vision sets a clear trajectory: they aim to become an upper middle-income country by 2035 and a high-income nation by 2050. How will this happen? 

Entrepreneurship will be a vital force in reducing poverty, driving social change, sparking innovation and transforming the economy. Entrepreneurs’ innovative ideas eager to drive the change are carving a path towards a brighter future.

Why did OPX Partners team up with East Africa Investments?

Since its establishment in 2012, EAI has been funding Rwanda’s brightest entrepreneurs across East Africa. They’re acutely aware of the challenges these entrepreneurs face, especially around securing capital. EAI’s invaluable expertise and deep regional ties played an important role in amplifying our local impact.

A few of our associates who have participated in the project share their insights:

Albin Folkesson said, “Our Rwanda venture was more than just a consulting project. We crafted a bespoke digital marketing strategy for local businesses, centering on enhancing customer inflow, honing conversion processes, and amplifying business acumen and oversight. As we concluded our trip, it was rewarding to see many of these strategies taking root and the promise they hold for the future.”

Elin Brasch recounted, “Leading a project in Rwanda was simultaneously inspiring and challenging. Within this unique backdrop, our insights were catalysts for positive transformations in the businesses we engaged with. Yet, beyond the tangible business outcomes, what I loved most was the cultural exchange and the enthusiasm and commitment from all parties.”

Julia Gunnarsson shared, “In partnership with PesaChoice, a leading provider of cloud-based HR solutions tailored for the African market, we helped them refine their pricing framework and enhance their sales trajectory with a newly-introduced lead generation tool. My experiences in Rwanda expanded my worldview as a consultant.”

Thanks to East Africa Investments, OPX Partners established a strong presence in Rwanda’s startup ecosystem. We look forward to more enriching collaborations like these.


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