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We have a proven methodology and senior competence with hands-on experience


Transformation programs are of strategic importance and have far-reaching effects on performance. OPX Partners has significant experience from- and proven methodologies to drive- transformation efforts in a wide array of situations and across industries. In our experience, typical success factors for transformation programs include:

  • Clear commitment by top management
  • A sense of urgency & swift execution
  • Ambitious targets
  • Solid tracking mechanism

OPX Partners has a proven methodology and senior competence with hands-on experience to actively support throughout the complete turnaround journey and proven bottom-line results.


Turn-arounds require quick actions on many fronts. While challenging, these situations offer an opportunity to fundamentally transform a business

OPX Partners’ definition of ‘turning around’ a company implies realizing game-changing, bottom line results in the short term, while not limiting the company’s ability to continue to capture top line opportunities.

Depending on each company’s specific situation and needs, a turnaround effort can take many different forms, from moderate improvements in parts of the business to full-scale restructuring of the entire company.

OPX Partners has a proven methodology and senior competence with hands-on experience to actively support throughout the complete turnaround journey.

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Cost effectiveness & scalability transformation

Regardless if you want to benefit from improved scalability while growing or if you need to trim your organization’s cost base, OPX Partners Cost effectiveness & Scalability Transformation is suitable

Our holistic approach covers the full cost base (i.e. personnel costs, purchased goods and services, depreciations as well as potential top line costs) with OPX Partners consultants working side by side with your organization. Our proven approach is always tailored to the specific situation but is often initiated by a brief diagnostic to align on the point of departure and establish an aggressive yet realistic 2-5-year cost effectiveness & scalability plan, emphasis is however put on realizing the potential through structured execution of the planned initiatives. In our experience, the key to unlocking the potential in your organization is to employ pragmatic solutions that solves the root causes to your challenges

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Program management office

Strategy and performance improvement programs fall flat without focus and execution capabilities. A Program Management Office (PMO) can make the difference

70% of all change programs do not deliver the expected results. The most important factors to success are clear milestones and objectives, commitment by senior management and strong communication. Securing a Program Management Office (PMO) can be the difference between a strategy ‘merely on paper’ and delivering measurable bottom line improvements. Our PMO toolkit strikes the balance between rigorous planning and follow-up and allows the organization to focus on execution. We have supported several companies to deliver outstanding results in a proactive PMO role.

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