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Value creation plan for a company recently acquired by one of the leading Nordic PE funds

A newly aquired payment solution company had formed a new management team which had set an aggressive growth agenda - it now had to develop it's full value creation plan

OPX Partners was involved from day 1 of the new ownership, where three companies were merged to a new platform investment. We worked together with the newly formed management team in developing a value creation plan, including an aggressive growth agenda, the design of a new organization as well as re-engineering critical business processes. The value creation plan included an aggressive plan for growth across Europe and APAC, both through acquisitions and organic growth, consisting of:

  • Plan for ~4x growth over a period of 4 years

  • Plan to quickly merge recently acquired companies and to start offering customers a bundled offering based on complementary services of the different group companies

  • Four key value creation projects kicked off to drive a new common culture

Merging three companies with different cultures and ways of working, and getting the new organization operational in a short period of time, was challenging. OPX Partners provided support both in designing the new organizational structure and with implementation to get the new organization to work. In creating the new company, core business processes had to be re-designed and adapted to the new strategy and company structure. Building on internal and external best practices, OPX Partners worked closely with the organization to develop and roll-out common core processes throughout the company.

Management has so far managed to deliver on the plan, and the investment is projected to be one of the best in terms of capital gains for the fund in recent years.

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