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The interviews are developed to help you demonstrate your approach to problem solving

Hiring process

To get to know us better before you apply, we offer informal meet and greets that are not part of the evaluation process. Once you have decided to apply to OPX Partners, you will typically go through the following steps:
Application screening

When we receive your application, our screening team will assess the different aspects we look for in a candidate, which are: Problem solving, Leadership, Drive, and Personal skills

Interview preparation

OPX Partners offers you the opportunity to pose questions and also walk through a short case together with one of our consultants to help you prepare for your interview

Rounds of interviews

In the interviews, you have a chance to demonstrate your skills across four dimensions (problem solving, leadership, drive and personal skills). Problem solving skills is demonstrated by solving business cases, both oral and written


Provided there is match between you and OPX Partners, you will be given an employment offer to consider

Prepare for the interviews

The interviews are developed to help you demonstrate your approach to problem solving and to tell us about your experiences and personal skills
Before the interviews

If you have limited experience from case interviews we encourage you to practice on case examples. There are several ways of finding interview cases to practice on, e.g. online casebooks from MBA programs like Harvard and Wharton, and other casebooks like “Case in point“.

Prepare to tell about real situations where you have demonstrated leadership, team collaboration, and your unique drive – professionally or privately. Describe the situations as clearly as possible, including the context, your role and contributions. Be prepared to answer questions as specifically as possible.

During the case interview

  • Listen to the interviewer and ask clarifying questions if needed
  • Focus on the most important drivers that generate the most value
  • Work hypothesis-driven and clearly state any assumptions and ensure your calculations are accurate
  • Draw insights from the analysis and show business judgment
  • Communicate your thoughts clearly
  • Most importantly – be yourself and have fun!


Roles at OPX Partners

  • Associate: You typically have 0-3 years of experience of consulting. You work closely with clients and more experienced colleagues. Your professional development is two-fold: The OPX Partners' Associate Training Program and on-the-job training.
  • Consultant: You have 3-5 years of work experience, generally from consulting and/or relevant line positions. You work independently and closely with the client and your manager. You will further develop your professional skills through OPX Partners' Consultant Training, combined with frequent, constructive feed-back during your client assignments.
  • Manager: Managers typically have 5-10 years of work experience before joining OPX Partners. As a manager, you lead the team- and client work through all phases of the assignment. You coach and support the client team as well as your less experienced colleagues. OPX Partners' Manager Training program supports your work and further professional development.
  • Principal: Principals typically have 10+ years experience to be able to assume the role of a trusted client advisor. Principals support the team- and client work throughout the client change journey and take responsibility for career development of associates and consultants.

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How to apply

When submitting your application, please include CV and a short cover letter, both in English (applicants for associate positions should also include a recent grade transcript).

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