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People development is core at OPX Partners. We believe a friendly environment, challenging tasks, seeing real impact at work and great compensation matters.


Like most companies, we look for the best talent. But there is a difference

OPX Partners is looking for analytically sharp, ambitious and dedicated team players, willing and able to go the extra mile to deliver extraordinary results to our clients. Like most companies, we look for the best talent. But there is a difference. We look for people who want to be part of a journey to build a company, to shape the company culture and develop something new, together with other amazing people.

To thrive in this environment, we want you to be comfortable with the unknown, to take initiative and drive your initiatives from start to end, much like an entrepreneur. OPX Partners is not a place where people sit back and let others take lead, we place ourselves in the driver’s seat. If this excites you – consider us for your next step!

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”I joined OPX Partners much for the people that work here! It’s a privilege to have fun, energizing and intelligent colleagues who all contribute to a great team and, importantly for me, to an atmosphere where I can learn and develop fast”

Maria Pirttiniemi

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“I quickly realized that OPX Partners is different from other consulting firms, as OPX Partners’ primary focus is to deliver implementable solutions. I appreciate the seniority of the OPX Partners team, and the mix of professional backgrounds from a wide range of great companies.”

Mikael Karpe Conde

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To give both you and OPX Partners the best starting point for the important decision of taking on a new job or team member, we follow a formalized hiring process

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